Gynaecology and pregnancy
Ear, nose and throat diseases
Rehabilitative care
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Women’s health / gynaecology

Gynaecology, or the non-surgical and surgical treatment of female reproductive disorders, including infertility and breast disorders, as well as gynaecological surgery, including genital plastic surgery and urinary incontinence surgery.

Rehabilitative care / rehabilitation

Rehabilitative care is a type of curative care aimed at restoring, maintaining or adapting to disrupted functions. In Estonia, rehabilitation is divided into two parallel types of care: rehabilitation in the wider sense (rehabilitative care) and in the narrower sense (adaptation to disability).

Ear, nose and throat diseases

Day care, including surgery, for ear, nose and throat diseases is free of charge under waiting lists to everyone insured by the Estonian Health Insurance Fund, excluding daily in-hospital bedrest and paid additional amenities. In all other cases, hospital care is provided on the basis of Fertilitas’ price list.


Orthopaedics is a branch of surgery concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of injuries and disorders of the musculoskeletal system (bones, muscles and joints). We offer orthopaedist consultations for both children and adults. Day surgeries are performed by our partners.

General surgery

Our day surgery centre performs various surgical procedures, including hernia surgery, varicose vein surgery, etc. Our hospitals have the modern means for performing endoscopic surgeries. Treatments are carried out through the collaboration of various specialists, for example, in the complex treatment of obesity by general and plastic surgeons. Consultations and operations in general surgery have no waiting lists.

Plastic surgery

In the spring of 2017, Fertilitas AS began working with internationally renowned functional, aesthetic, reconstructive and oncological head and neck surgeon, Dr. Peter Lohuis. See more:

Children’s health / paediatrics

Fertilitas offers families infant monitoring by our experienced paediatricians. Our paediatricians provide both outpatient and inpatient care. We also offer various consultations, e.g. with a paediatric orthopaedist, paediatric neurologist or paediatric rehabilitation therapist.


We offer audiologist consultations to patients suffering from hearing and/or balance disorders and tinnitus. We also provide information about hearing aids and hearing protection equipment.


We offer cardiological consultations for cardiovascular disease diagnosis, treatment and risk analysis. We also provide cardiological hospital care. We have a history of excellent collaboration with cardiological centres in Tallinn and Tartu.

Family physicians

The first point of contact in the healthcare system for anyone with a health issue is their family physician or nurse. We have several family physicians available at Fertilitas’ Viimsi building at Kaluri tee 5a, Haabneeme, Viimsi Parish.

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Planned treatment

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Information for visitors and general rules

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Fertilitas’ private hospital in Viimsi

Kaluri tee 5a, 74001 Haabneeme, Viimsi Parish

Mon–Thu 8–18  |  Fri 8–17  |  Sat–Sun closed

Fertilitas’ Mustamäe polyclinic

Sütiste tee 17/1 (4th floor), Tallinn

Mon–Thu 8–19  |  Fri 8–15  |  Sat–Sun closed

Fertilitas’ Tallinn centre polyclinic

Kaupmehe 4, Tallinn

Mon 8–16  |  Tue–Thu 8–19  | Fri 8-14 | Sat–Sun closed

Our doctors

Ivo Saarma

Woman’s doctor / gynaecologist

Ivo Saarma

Edda Väin

Woman’s doctor / gynaecologist

Edda Väin

Imbi Blumfeldt


Imbi Blumfeldt

Lauri Maisvee

Ear, nose and throat specialist, head and neck surgeon

Lauri Maisvee

Fertilitas was established in 1993 in the Nõmme district of Tallinn as a women’s and maternity hospital and is today the largest private hospital in Estonia. The hospital has 4 operating rooms and a ward complex with beds for 40 patients.  Fertilitas has three polyclinics: in Viimsi, Tallinn centre and Mustamäe.  Here, you are under the care of skilled and recognised specialists from more than 20 fields, who are committed to finding the best possible solutions to your health problems.

  • Our main specialties are gynecology, ear, nose and throat diseases, orthopedics, rehabilitation, and rehabilitation services. Expectant mothers can receive pregnancy monitoring and 4D ultrasound, as well as postpartum counselling and paediatric consultations.
  • Our hospital is highly experienced in rehabilitative care. Treatment is provided by rehabilitation therapists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, psychologists, speech therapists and other specialists in the form of a systematic service.
  • Rehabilitative care works in close synergy with rehabilitation services, the purpose of which is to support the capability of independent living and autonomy after active treatment.
  • In addition to gynaecology, treatment of ear, nose and throat diseases and orthopaedic surgery, Fertilitas also performs high-quality aesthetic plastic surgery, bariatric surgery and general surgical and urological procedures.
  • Under the terms set out by the Health Insurance Fund, our polyclinics offer services in the field of rehabilitative care. Services not covered by an agreement with the Health Insurance Fund are subject to the hospital’s price list.

We are committed to ensuring the highest quality of treatment. We aim to provide the best service and be the healthcare provider of choice for the whole family. Most of our doctors are available for consultation without having to go through your family physician. If you value a personal approach and fast, high-quality service, then you have come to the right place.