Hospital care prices


Hospital care

For persons insured by the Estonian Health Insurance Fund, follow-up hospital care on the basis of a waiting list are free of charge. Hospital stay is provided in a general ward with 4 beds. . Upon request, additional paid services can be provided (see additional services).

Our service price list is available at the registration desk and additional information is available by phone at +372 605 9600.

The complex prices of gynecological surgery cover all costs, except pre-operative counselling, signing of agreements and blood products.
Gynaecological surgery
Plastic surgery of external genitalia
Diagnostic laparoscopy or sterilisation
Laparoscopic surgery of fallopian tubes, ovaries
Laparoscopic uterine surgery
Surgery prices do not include preoperative consultation, blood products, bed days, recovery and day surgery follow-up.
Ear, nose and throat surgery
Tonsil removal
Removal of adenoids (nasal polyps)
FESS (sinus surgery)
Earlobe plastic surgery
Stapedotomy, stapedoplasty (prosthesis not included)
Urology – day surgery
General surgery – day surgery
Plastic surgery, see our partners