Bed-day fee


Bed-day fee

Medical monitoring and bed-day fees after surgical operations. The day of arrival at the hospital and the day of leaving the hospital is counted as a single bed-day, if the patient leaves the hospital before 10:00. Upon later departure, an hourly day care fee will be added.

Recovery (2h)
Hourly fee for recovery exeeding 2 hours
Day surgery bed-day, 6h (between at 8.00 – 18.00, time is counted from the time of arrival at the hospital. Includes nursing and care procedures, accommodation on in 2-4-bed ward, does not include catering
Hourly fee for day surgery monitoring exeeding 6 hours
Bed-day in private ward
Bed-day in 2-bed ward*
Grade I intensive care 24h
Grade II intensive care 24h
Preoperative bed-day, not include medical procedures and catering
*Additional conveniences in a ward: TV, refrigerator, individual toilet and bathroom

Bed-day in another conservative specialty care

Bed-day in rehabilitative care or another conservative specialty care, with catering, standard analyses and care (nursing) procedures, consultations with specialist doctor in connection with the underlying disorder. Does not include medical examinations, medications or rehabilitative care therapies.

Bed-day with accommodation in 2-bed ward with amenities
Bed-day with accommodation in 4-bed ward
Bed-day for accompanying person (does not include catering)

Bed-day cost-sharing rate for persons insured by the Health Insurance Fund

Bed-day cost-sharing rate for persons insured by the Estonian Health Insurance Fund (accommodation in 3–4-bed general ward). Upon request, additional paid accommodation amenities can be provided.

Bed-day fee for persons insured by the Health Insurance Fund – follow-up care