Submitting compliments, complaints, and suggestions

Disputes are settled in accordance with Fertilitas’ complaint handling policy.

Submitting compliments, complaints, and suggestions

The purpose of submitting complaints and suggestions is to gather information about the quality of services provided by AS Fertilitas and to ensure the satisfaction of our visitors. Your feedback is extremely important to us as it helps us do our job even better. Positive feedback as well as observations on shortcomings are welcome.

Please formulate your comments in a clear and understandable manner. In case we need access to your medical records to clarify your case, we will contact you and ask you to send us your feedback by a digitally signed email. This way, we can ensure the protection of your data. Anonymous complaints will not be handled.

Complaints and acknowledgements will be registered on the complaints and acknowledgements register and forwarded to the responsible staff in the relevant units.

Complaints and suggestions will be dealt with thoroughly. If you would like a written response to your feedback, please indicate this in the feedback. A reply will be sent within 30 days from the date of registration of the feedback.

Please send your compliments, complaints, and suggestions either by:

Problems arising in the provision of health care services are primarily dealt with by the hospital; however, patients dissatisfied with the provision of health care have the right to raise their concerns with the following authorities:

  • The Expert Committee on the Quality of Health Care Services operating at the Ministry of Social Affairs at Suur-Ameerika 1, Tallinn, or
  • The Health Board at Paldiski mnt 81, Tallinn, or
  • The Estonian Health Insurance Fund at Lastekodu 48, Tallinn, or

N.B. If your feedback is submitted on behalf of another person and requires access to and/or release of their health data, please submit the other person’s power of attorney or written consent with the feedback. To submit documents, please contact us by email at


Complaints can be submitted to:

Expert Committee on the Quality of Health Care Services

Estonian Health Insurance Fund
16363 / +372 669 6630