Settlement of disputes

Disputes are settled in accordance with Fertilitas’ complaint handling policy.

AS Fertilitas’ complaint handling policy

A. General requirements

  • Only non-anonymous complaints shall receive a reply.
  • Replies shall only be given to the person who submitted the complaint and received service from AS Fertilitas (except in cases provided for by law).
  • Upon the submission of a complaint, employees are required to call the structural unit’s responsible employee.
  • All submissions of complaints shall be made known to a member of AS Fertilitas’ management board.
  • All complaints and statements shall be registered and retained with the secretary.
  • Written (electronic) complaints shall receive a reply within one week from submission.

B. Registration of complaints

  • All complaints, statements and respective replies shall be registered and retained with the secretary.
  • In the case of verbal complaints, in addition to the (contact) details of the person who submitted the complaint, a written summary of the subject matter of the complaint and reply shall be appended (drawn up by the responsible employee). Upon request, a written reply shall be provided.

C. Procedure for handling verbal complaints

  • A written summary of the verbal complaint shall be forwarded to the structural unit’s responsible employee, who shall organise a reply. Depending on the nature of the complaint, the responsible employee shall include other employees in the process.

D. Procedure for handling written (electronic) complaints

  • Depending on the nature of the complaint, the complaint shall be submitted to the responsible employee for settlement, who shall initiate an internal investigation, if necessary, or ensure an immediate reply.
  • The responsible employee shall organise the collection of letters of explanation from the employees connected to the complaint as well as a discussion of the incident in the presence of management representatives (member of the management board, responsible employees).
  • After the discussion, a reply shall be drawn up, which shall be sent by registered mail (electronically) to the person who submitted the complaint. The person who submitted the complaint may also be invited to the discussion of the complaint (depending on its nature).
  • The responsible employee is required to inform the person who submitted the complaint of the possibility of appealing to the treatment quality commission of the Ministry of Social Affairs or the Estonian Health Insurance Fund, depending on the nature of the complaint.

E. All persons who have visited AS Fertilitas’ hospital or polyclinics also have the right to submit anonymous complaints and comments.

  • Anonymous complaints shall not be given an official reply.

Complaints may be submitted to:

The Estonian
Health Board
+372 694 3500

The Estonian Health Insurance Fund
16363 / +372 669 6630