Dr. Peter Lohuis

Plastic surgeon

Peter Lohuis is an organiser and manager of various specialist training courses in facial plastic surgery, rhinoplasty and facial skin cancer treatment. In his daily medical practice, his primary focus is oncological and reconstructive head and neck surgery, temporal bone surgery in the treatment of skin cancer of the ear canal, facial reconstructive and plastic surgery, surgical treatment of facial nerve paralysis, rhinoplasty and surgical nose repair.

In Estonia, Dr. Peter Lohuis performs various aesthetic and functional surgeries of the head and neck, including rhinoplasty, various types of facial plastic surgery (plastic surgery of the eyelids and forehead, facelift surgery and facial modifications), plastic surgery of the neck and earlobes.

At Fertilitas, Dr. Peter Lohuis performs aesthetic and functional surgeries in collaboration with Dr. Lauri Maisvee. Dr. Lauri Maisvee is responsible for all necessary patient consultations and other services prior to Dr. Peter Lohuis’ surgeries.

For more information, visit iluoperatsioonid.fertilitas.ee and schedule a consultation.