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28 detsember, 2017

Erahaigla AS Fertilitas on üks 43-st Eesti ettevõttest, kellele Sotsiaalministeerium andis peresõbraliku tööandja algmärgise. Sellega soovime näidata, et hindame kõigi töötajate soove ning oleme valmis panustama kollektiivi heaolusse.

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Glass dildos are toys made for those with a soft place for wooden

24 november, 2017

Buy Glass Dildo India
Glass dildos( are toys made for those with a soft place for wooden sex toys online India( While the inflexibility of the glass dildo might make it unfit for newbies, this attribute makes it irresistible to those experienced. Glass dildos are created with intense enjoyment and are made to offer those who have substantial expertise on how to take full advantage of the strength of the experiences.
If you are thinking of updating from your versatile Sex Toys For Girls( for something a little bit a lot more intricate than the glass dildo, here are a few basics that you need to bear in mind;
Glass dildos surface
The finishing of the dildo differs from one style to another. Some dildos have a smooth finish, perfect for those who choose a smooth and slick slide. Other dildos have textured surfaces, from grains to bulging veins. The textured surface is made to supply extra stimulation.
The intensity of the feelings you are looking for will determine the surface area structure that would certainly be best for you.Realistic Dildo(
Glass dildos dimension
When it concerns picking a dildo, your extending capability figures out the dimension of dildo you can take care of. Constantly guarantee that you get a size you can take quickly to prevent having an unpleasant experience.
Make sure your choice of dimension is based on your existing stretching ability if you have any plans to utilize the dildo for rectal play.
Glass dildos lubrication
Glass dildos are generally suitable for various lubricating substances, but a water-based lubricating substance is usually one of the most recommended kinds.
Glass dildos base
The design of the base of a dildo is something to consider before obtaining one. Plain-based dildos are developed for those that have only brushing requirements from the dildo. This is usually for those that plan to use the dildo for hands-on excitement, only using their hands to hang on to the dildo.Strap On Dildo(
When it comes to deep penetrative strokes, dildos with balls at the base are for those looking for a practical feeling.

Suction-based dildos are fantastic to stick onto non-porous surfaces, permitting the video game to tackle a more adventurous course. Whether stayed with a wall surface or floor, these dildos allow solo play to include numerous body settings like doggy or girl/boy on top.
Flared base dildos are produced for those that desire to incorporate their Adult Products India(  with the band-on harness they currently or plan to own. With the saddles having various sized O rings, constantly ensure that you measure the O ring base and ensure you obtain a dildo that will comfortably suit the harness.
Utilizing the glass dildos
Glass dildos are stringent, so always ensure that you maintain risk-free play the entire time. Jerky activities are inhibited as they increase the possibility of obtaining injuries. To start, make confident that you use a generous amount of lubrication on the toy for simplicity of insertion.
Likewise, lubricate the designated target location, whether it is the rectal cavity or vaginal dental caries. Setting on your own in a way that you can quickly access the rectal or vaginal dental caries. Some of the most common positions consist of resting on the back with the legs spread out vast, and the lower back somewhat raised or on all fours to relieve accessibility of both openings. Dildos with a suction cup base are simpler to make use of as all you need is to stick the dildo to a surface and straddle it or back versus it. Once the dildo is successfully ready, indulge in the strokes as you; please make sure that you lube up if you feel the slide decreasing. Take as much time as you need until you feel like you have had sufficient.
Cleaning your glass dildos
Glass dildos are generally non-permeable, yet always make sure that you check for this attribute. The glass dildos are a wind to clean as all they need is cozy or warm soapy water and a toy cleaner of your choice, as long as it works with the dildo.
Nonetheless, if you plan on utilizing the dabble several partners, make sure that you use anti-bacterial toy cleaner or even clean the toy with alcohol swabs before usage. Never use it on more than one companion if the dildo has a porous surface area.
Among my extremely favorite toys is my glass dildo. I entirely enjoy it, yet I have met many individuals who struggle to get their heads around the concept in the past. If that is how you feel – have a read and allow me to persuade and entice you!
Let me begin with the essentials …

A glass dildo is not a flimsy piece of glass that will quickly break and trigger severe injury. It is robust, hefty and well made – so enjoy!
Now onto the much more intriguing things!
What I enjoy regarding glass is the versatility you can develop. Straight from the toy box, my glass beauty is excellent to the touch, which gives an exceptional comparison to human call and contributes to the feelings. Often, I may even pop it in the fridge or fridge freezer to bring the temperature level down – slip that in and appreciate the ride, girls! It is a pleasure-pain type sensation, and I think maybe my preferred toy when I am on my own. I am unsure what it has to do with the chilly, yet it establishes me on fire perfectly. It does not have any bend or give in it; to me provides a dominant side.
My other preferred, though, the seahorse glass dildo, a complete form contrast – nothing like a guy yet still a lot of fun. Now, I enjoy this because it has structure, great deals of lovely bumps, and forms to produce a myriad of brand-new experiences – making this an excellent toy for anal play or clit-stimulation.
If you can deal with the contortionist element, why not attempt both together – wonderful and cool … The feeling of both nearly touching is mind-blowing and absolutely worth sending him on boys evening out for – just so you can have the bed to yourself – well, you and a few toys.
My glass toys are lovely for the house alone enjoyable, but I will generously acknowledge equally excellent for pair play also. We have spent several hrs. touching and teasing with our glass toys, and he confesses the sensation of perfect glass is fantastic. If you like unsafe while damp, then you will likewise be impressed by the lubricated glass – delightfully very easy to move into any waiting area, beware they do not elope your hand and land throughout the room!
I love the hygiene component. Being glass, they are surprisingly straightforward to maintain clean, a bowl of warm soapy water – and even the dishwasher, if the children aren’t residence and mother-in-law, haven’t popped over to assist with the household chores!

Alates 30.11.2017. alustab Viimsi polikliinikus toitumisalate nõustamistega Sandra Tamm

22 november, 2017

Sandra Tamm on teadliku toitumise ja elustiili nõustaja, kolme lapse ema. Ta on õppinud tervisejuhtimist (Health Coach) Integratiivse Toitumise Instituudis (Institute for Integrative Nutrition, New York, USA) ja toitumisnõustamist täiendõppena Eestis.Ta jätkab kõrghariduse omandamist Iiri Toitumise ja Tervise Instituudis (Irish Institute of Nutrition & Health) toitumisteraapia erialal.

Tema eesmärgiks on inimeste tervise edendamisel rakendada tõenduspõhiseid teadmisi toitumisest ja elustiilist. Tema teenuste hulka kuuluvad nii personaalsed teadliku toitumis- ja elustiilialased nõustamised kui ka koolitused ning toidutöötoad.

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Fertilitas on 2017. aasta Eesti meditsiinitudengite uuringu põhjal üks atraktiivseim tööandja

25 oktoober, 2017

Kvaliteedimärgise saavad kõik tudengi-, kutsekoolide noorte ja meditsiinitudengite uuringute esikümnesse pääsenud organisatsioonid.

Instar viib iga-aastaselt läbi tööandja maine uuringut Eesti tudengite seas. Uuringusse on kaasatud 20 Eesti kõrgkooli tudengid ja uuringu valimi maht on 2500 tudengit. Uuringu käigus hindavad noored oma ootusi tööandjatele, märgivad nende arvates toimuvad infokanalid, läbi mille nad saavad ettevõtete poolt edastatavat infot. Lisaks sellele hindavad tudengid Eesti suuremate ja edukamate ettevõtete atraktiivsust tööandjana.